Nicole Lanzotti




nice to meet you :)

My name is Nicole Lanzotti, graphic designer & art director living in Oakland, California, with more than 15 years experience. 

Communicating brand experiences is what drives my every project. I work across print and digital media with a focus on identity, packaging and retail marketing.

After my early years of production work awarded me a management position in Landor’s New York office in CPG, I decided to return to California and attend CCA where I developed my "creative voice" and redirected my career in design.

My first design gig was for a boutique ad agency in San Francisco, then later I took an in-house role at Peet’s Coffee during a time of rapid growth in their retail and e-commerce channels. When I left there 6 years later I was Senior Designer and a Peetnik for life. 

Freelancing in the cannabis industry was my next big adventure. I partnered with Harborside in Oakland, one of the pioneer dispensaries in the bay area, to develop their brand in a newly emerging industry from the ground up — a truly unique experience for any designer or branding thinker.

My recent favorite projects include Los Angeles-based Monk Drinking Botanicals, packaging for Mychron Extracts and some dabbling in the beauty industry as well as the world of cyber security. I am currently ready to take on new projects, so if you need "some help" or know of any interesting projects get in touch!

(415) 533 1923